Why WCS?


Safety is our number one priority at the Williamsport Christian School. From the moment students step foot on campus until the moment they leave, they will learn in a safe environment.

  • Teachers have fulfilled Pennsylvania State Requirements regarding background checks.
  • The doors are locked from the outside while school is in session.

Quality Teachers

  • All teachers hold college degrees. Many have attended Christian colleges, having the academic combined with spiritual knowledge, to better help and prepare students for their future.
  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention.

Academic Excellence

  • We believe God has a plan for everyone and that our job is to prepare them to discover that plan. Whether they choose to go to college, trade school, or right into the workforce, they will be thoroughly prepared.
  • All of our curriculum is scripturally based. We believe it is important to magnify God in every subject.

Character Development and Spirituality

  • Not only do we believe in developing the student academically, but we also believe in developing the student's character and personal walk with the Lord. Bible class and chapel is an important part of our school curriculum. Bible class is every day except Wednesday when we have weekly chapel. In chapel students hear from those on our church and school faculty as well as guest preachers.
  • Extracurricular activities, such as sports, are offered to develop working together.