Keystone Christian Education Association (KCEA)



  • Fundamental to the preservation of our historic, religious liberties in the Commonwealth
  • Independent, autonomous state organization
  • Effective leadership responsible to the local grassroots
  • Standing with Christian school organizations in other states in defense of religious liberty


  • Orthodox in our doctrinal statement
  • Biblical in our associations
  • Separatist in our standards
  • Fundamental in our positions


  • Protecting religious liberties through a regular active presence in the legislature
  • Disseminating information relative to Christian family, church, and school issues
  • Promoting Christian education through quality programs for the students, school administrators, and church leadership
  • Discerning leadership for Christians in an increasingly humanist, secular, pleasure-seeking society


  • Supporting the autonomy of the family, the local school, and the local church
  • Collective action with other like-minded independents
  • Decisionmaking limited to affiliating ministries
  • Self-perpetuating, diversified Board of Directors